The Hastings Laboratory investigates antigen presentation and T cell responses in melanoma and cutaneous autoimmunity. We study the role of antigen presentation in controlling T cell activation and tolerance to cutaneous antigens, using mouse models of melanoma and vitiligo, cell culture systems, and patient specimens.


Lydia Meador was selected as a postdoctoral trainee on the UA Cancer Biology NIH T32 Training Grant starting October 2016.

Karen Hastings is chairing the Antigen Processing and Presentation session and presenting her laboratory's research at the International Congress of Immunology in Melbourne, Australia in August 2016.

Hari Menon was awarded a Valley Research Partnership grant to support his research in June 2016.

Kevin In and Hari Menon presented a poster at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology in May 2016.

Ken Johnson was awarded a Valley Research Partnership grant to support his research in January 2016.

Karen Hastings and Jade Homsi from Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center were awarded a Valley Research Partnership grant to support a new translational research project in metastatic melanoma in January 2016.